Hotel Avion v Prostejove hodnocení
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Square E. Husserle 1634/15
796 01 Prostìjov

Phone number: +420 582 344 561
Fax: +420 582 330 513

Nám. E.Husserla 1634/15
796 01 Prostějov
Česká republika

Telefon: +420 582 344 561
Fax: +420 582 330 513

How to get to our hotel

When you get out from the train or a bus on the main station (called Hlavní nádraží) you can walk to the hotel since it is not very far away. You can simply start from the train station and walk straight through the Svatoplukova street (for more details look in the section “From the bus/train station”).

Public transport

– take the bus from the bus station (Hlavní nádraží – main station) to centrum (centre)
– get out on the first stop (Svatoplukova street) and from here go straight for about a hundred metres to the centre of the town
– buses that go there are numbered 4, 5, 11, 19, 32

From the bus/train station

– on the Svatoplukova street from the main station to the centre of the town it is about 300 metres
– on the end of the Svatoplukova street use the crossroad with traffic lights and go straight for another 50 metres until you get to the E. Husserle square
– here, on the left side, is the hotel Avion

By car from Brno, motorway R46

– take the R46 and use the exit Prostìjov støed (the town centre)
– go on left through Dolní street for another 800 metres
– continue through Petrské square
– on the left on Wolkerova street continue for another 100 metres
– then turn right to Sušilova street
– continue through Komenského/Sušilova street
– turn left on KOmenského street
– Continue through Netušilova/Komenského street
– turn right for Netušilova street (100 metres)
– turn right to E. Husserle square
– The final spot is E. Husserle square, Hotel Avion, town of Prostìjov

By car from Olomouc, motorway R46

– take the exit Prostìjov sever (north)
– continue through Koneèná street (pass Tesco)
– 0.2 on roundabout by the gass station (that is on your left side) on the third exit turn right to Olomoucká street
– continue through Vojáèkovo square, then turn right to Vápenice street and continue left for Hlaváèkovo square (you cannot turn left so you need to continue around the town park – on your left side)
– on the first crossroad with traffic lights turn left and after 50 metres turn left again, go round the parking place and take the one-way street back to the exit for Vápenice street and turn right to the town theatre
– after 50 metres there is E. Husserle square, Hotel Avion, Prostìjov